"Andy is a great guitar teacher with a clear understanding of what needs to be done for the student to progress. Throughout my time learning from Andy i have developed many skills that i have gained through the lessons." - Ben (Guitar)

"I have been working with Andrew for over two years on my drive to become a better bass player. Although I have played for many years on and off I decided that I wanted to take a more structured approach. (Youtube lessons can only get you so far.) Without an objective assessment there is no way of knowing if there has really been any progress. Andrew’s approach is very ‘hands-on’ as he is a gigging bass player and knows not only bass theory but also how to get the feel right. Technically he knows everything about bass playing but is a remarkably patient teacher who, I’m sure, wants me to be as good as I can be. My weekly lessons are enjoyable and have renewed my enthusiasm to improve all aspects of playing the bass. " - Richard (Bass)

Andy has taught my daughter for the last 3 years, starting with piano and then when she fancied a change she tried ukulele and has picked that up really well. As a parent I want to see that my child is making progress and enjoying herself and Andy’s lessons tick both of these boxes. I was also really impressed with the super smooth transition to virtual lessons - you would never know that you weren’t in the same room. Here is some feedback from my 9 year old:
“Andy makes things really clear so I can understand how to play and doesn’t get cross if I get it wrong. He makes the lessons fun with games and I really enjoy it” - we would both highly recommend! - Katie & Rose (Ukulele)

"Andy has been teaching my 10 year old son for the past 18 months. He is always super professional, very patient and he can explain things really well. My son really likes that Andy always listens to his suggestions for songs he would like to learn to play. It has kept him motivated and keen to learn and practise. Skype lessons during lockdown have been fantastic" - Anne (Piano)

"I have 8 and 11 year old boys who both play guitar with Andy. I can’t recommend him enough. He is enthusiastic and encouraging and patient and he get them playing some great songs. We’ve adapted unbelievably well to Skype and if anything my two have to concentrate more!
Would recommend Andy to anyone." - Trish (Guitar)

"I've been playing guitar without lessons for 15 years. I decided to get some help to learn some more theory and cure some bad habits. After just a few lessons with Andy my playing is significantly better. But more importantly my knowledge of what I'm playing is much much better. Highly recommended for all levels." - Max (Guitar)

"Andy has been teaching my 2 kids (now 11 and 13) for a number of years. Over that time he has taught them both a mixture of guitar and piano. Andy is always encouraging towards them and works to their pace. The kids have a really good relationship with Andy and he always makes them feel at ease, whilst making sure they work hard too! I’ve been particularly impressed with the way Andy has moved the lessons online during lockdown. He was in it really quickly and found a way for things to carry on as much as possible. It’s been great for us to keep up with the lessons and has especially been nice for me to be able to listen in. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andy to anyone looking for a great music teacher." - Jenny (Piano)

"Andy is a great teacher. He inspired my son to have a go at doing something he felt he would never be able to do. Andy personalised his lessons to not only suit my son's musical interests, but also to suit his special educational needs. I highly recommend Andy to any budding musicians out there!" - Sarah (Guitar)